Actuate for SaaS: BIRT Deployment Options Scale to Meet any Requirement

Cloud ready, cloud friendly BIRT iServer and Actuate's SaaS BI platform, BIRT onDemand, provide OEMs with multiple options for seamless integration and deployment of customer-facing applications. If an organization provides software via a SaaS delivery model, or plans to do so, Actuate products offer an ideal architecture and platform.

The current release of ActuateOne offers new deployment options for organizations seeking to provide customers with multiple choices. For software companies delivering SaaS or PaaS applications, Actuate's scalable, flexible and embeddable reporting and BI platform is a perfect fit. BIRT onDemand, Actuate's Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform, provides startups and smaller organizations with a low-barrier-of-entry option for deploying BI applications in the most expedient, cost-effective way possible, while BIRT iServer, Actuate's premiere server, offers unlimited scalability and functionality to any deployment.

Actuate's heritage has always been to meet the needs of the largest-scale, most demanding applications in terms of throughput while still providing a zero-training, intuitive end-user experience. As a result, even prior to the emergence of SaaS, the iServer platform was architected with all of the key components required for SaaS success, including multi-tenancy, fine-grained security and unrivaled performance. The nearly 20 years of R&D that have gone into the iServer and BIRT technologies translate to immediate value to your organization and its end users, in terms of product quality/reliability, time-to-market for deployment, and valuable end user functionality for your customers. iServer is architected to ensure that BIRT deployments scale linearly and are not locked into a particular end user experience, hardware configuration or data structure. This technology supports the deployment of custom Business Intelligence and information applications in on-premises, SaaS and PaaS scenarios across public, private and hybrid cloud environments.

BIRT onDemand for SaaS features

Based on iServer technology, BIRT onDemand provides users with an instant-on server connection, application access, and an online viewing/reporting environment that can be used to create, view and modify BIRT content. This service can be accessed from any web browser (including Safari©) and most mobile devices, provides an instant, inexpensive solution, and offers organizations a way to deploy iServer and instantly work with and distribute BIRT content. BIRT OnDemand has been built to integrate with other SaaS solutions and comes with an extensive API, allowing complete "White Labeling" of the BIRT OnDemand user front end to integrate with SaaS applications. BIRT OnDemand also includes a single sign-on authentication API, providing a seamless experience for end users.

iServer features

  • Elastic clustering for cloud deployment - Elastic clustering makes it possible to dynamically and automatically reassign, add or remove a fully capable, stateless image of BIRT iServer within a cluster without interrupting operations.
  • Cloud friendly licensing - ActuateOne includes a work unit licensing model intended to offer flexibility for multi-core, server farm and cloud environments.
  • Cloud-ready data distribution - Accessing traditional BI data sources such as a data warehouse from within a large-scale cloud application injects complexities including latency, unmanaged load and security vulnerability into the system.
  • Multi-tenant deployment flexibility - iServer supports multi-tenant deployments, presenting several options to customers for complete flexibility in allocating machine usage as required.


The following customers have deployed Actuate BIRT products in a SaaS environment:

  • Access DC
  • Alinean
  • Association of Manufacturing Technologies
  • Digital Steps
  • Elcom
  • Invision Inc
  • KLJ
  • Mespas
  • Mzinga (KnowledgePlanet)
  • OptTek
  • Persolvo Data Systems
  • Sakonnet Technology LLC
  • Sircon
  • Soundbite
  • Synchro Sistemas De Informacao Ltda - Brazil
  • Taleo
  • Targus Information Corporation
  • Verisign
  • Zeke LTDA - Chile
  • Zycus, Inc.

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