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Completely Managed Cloud BI is Finally Here!

SaaS business intelligence (BI) on demand

BIRT (Business Intelligence Reporting Tools) is the world's most popular open source reporting tool. BIRT onDemand is a turnkey managed Cloud BI solution, designed to simplify your end user’s experience with complex data. Your existing applications are enhanced with transparent integration of analytical dashboards, interactive reports and stunning visualizations, all created in minutes.

What can BIRT onDemand do?

  • Publish interactive, analytical dashboards securely to all of your users
  • Add enhanced BI & Analytic capabilities to existing SaaS/Web applications
  • Deliver information to mobile devices effortlessly with built in support for Apple and Android
  • Add instant interactivity to existing BIRT content
  • Provide the uptime and data security assurance enjoyed by millions of Amazon (AWS) customers
  • Build self-service analytical dashboard & data cubes within minutes
  • Make you a hero...


Dynamic Dashboards Dynamic Dashboards

Creating dashboards with BIRT onDemand

Interactive Reports Interactive Reports

Working with BIRT Interactive Viewer

Data Syncing Data Syncing

Synchronizing data to BIRT onDemand

Mobile Reporting Mobile Reporting

Delivering content to mobile devices

Enabling Technologies

Amazon Web Services

Talend Open Data Solution

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AMT MTInsight


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